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1. Arrive on time make sure you have enough money with you for un pleasant surprises, you do not know your date yet, it is better to be safe then sorry.
2. Be in a good mood! Positive! Try lowering your expectations, or any preconceived ideas.
3. Smile- a smile can change a negative into a positive and an embarrassing situation into a laugh! we all look better when we smile!

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4. Be Polite, have manners, be thoughtful, remember first impressions count.
5. Dress well, (Refer to Dress & make up).
6. Look into her eyes and think what a gorgeous woman, don’t say it but as you talk think it, this will be transmitted to her subconsciously.
7. Pay for the meal or the drinks be a gentleman, refuse to take any money what so ever from her, you do not want to be branded stingy.
8. Avoid monologue – share conversation with her.
9. Be genuinely interested in her show your interesting what ever she does, ask questions on her job or hobbies, let her talk about herself, avoid personal questions, if she does not answer certain questions do not prude in it, just leave it don’t be snoopy.
10. Talk about beautiful things like travel, the beach, and good experiences you have had in your past.
11. Avoid talking about ex wives, or ex girl friends, marriage or divorce or children and if the topic does come up just say it didn’t work out I made mistakes she made mistakes, the less you talk about the past the better.
12. Remember to thank her for her time and company and compliment her once or twice during the date.
13. In the early stages it is critical that you avoid complaining about any thing, you just do not want to be branded as a winger.
14. Laugh at her jokes; let her feel good about herself.
15. Open car and restaurant doors; make her feel special and good.
16. Do not tell her on the first date everything about you, if you do you will have nothing to talk about next time.
17. Avoid telling a woman on the first date- I never met any like you before (she will think that either you are lying, or how can you say this when you only met her once?).
18. Tell her at the end of the night that you had a good time, (especially if you want to see her again), leave it at that, when she thinks about you these words will come back to her, we all want to be appreciated so thank your date.
19. It is advisable not to invite her to your place after the first date if you want her to take you seriously, but if you do invite her make sure you have proper protection, you just do not know how sometimes the night may unfold! (Refer to basic information on sexually transmitted diseases STD).
20. Let her wait a few days before you ring her to ask her out again, in most women’s heads if you ring immediately it shows a little desperation.
21. Whilst on a date it is advisable to turn off your mobile phone and pay attention to your date, not only it is rude talking on the mobile, especially on the first date you may not get another chance. If you do need your phone if and when you receive a phone call make sure your conversation is brief.
22. Plan ahead where you are going to have your date. Do not get lost on the first date. It shows indecisiveness and weakness. If you're not sure, go a day earlier and plan your route.

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