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Subjects for Men

If you buy all the 13 subjects separately at $3.50 each it will cost you $45.50, but we will give you all 13 subjects as a complete package for only US$35.00. - Now thats value for your money! So what have you got to loose! We have a 30 day money back guarantee. We stand behind our products and we are proud of it.
Price: US $35.00
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1. How to attract a women, body language & on a date!
2. The magnet effect! And how to be happy.
3 How to handle women? In general & the Ten Commandments.
4. Wild and great sex!
5. How to create passion again & again.
6. How to handle marriage & the changes!
7. Warning signs, things are going down hill! And possible affair!
8. How to have an affair & get away with it!
9. How to handle divorce! A.V.O & police matters (In western countries).
10. How to keep your money! & Protect yourself!
11. The car analogy.
12. Why are women different? The candy analogy.
13. Basic information on sexually transmitted diseases –(STD).

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** So what have you got to loose!
For US$35.00 you will learn all this and you will never look back. Or to get it delivered to your address, you can send a money order or a cheque within Australia of:
AU $40.00 plus AU $7.00 p&h (TOTAL AU $47.00) to:
J.I.I.C John Ifergan
PO Box 60
Rose Bay, Sydney NSW 2029

We have a 30-day money back guarantee
We stand behind our product and we are proud of it!

1. How would you like to know how to attract a woman?
What to say? How? And when?
Would you like to know women’s body language?
Would you like to know how to handle your date in the best possible way?
Well in section 1 we cover all those questions, and guide you step-by-step in a simple way that will get you the best result.
Price: US $3.50
2. How would you like to know how to make yourself into a magnet and make yourself irresistible?
How would you like to be happy?
Well in section 2 we deal with all these questions with remarkable success.
Price: US $3.50
3. How would you like to know how handle and deal with women? What to do? How? When? And what?
Well in section 3 we talk about all these matters, with remarkable success.
Price: US $3.50
4. How would you like to have wild sex? In ways you never believed possible till today?
Well in section 4 we talk about situations and ideas that you may never thought before that will send you and your partner for more and more wild sex.
Price: US $3.50
5. How would you like to create passion with your partner again and again? With ideas that are simple and easy to implement?
Well in section 5 we give ideas and mind sets that are fantastic.
Price: US $3.50
6. How would you like to know how to handle your wife after marriage? And the changes you will face once you have children?
Well in section 6 we talk about the changes women go through and how to handle them.
Price: US $3.50
7. Would you like to know when things are deteriorating in your relationship?
Would you like to know if your partner is having an affair?
Well in section 7 we give you most of the warning signs that will tell you.
Price: US $3.50
8. Would you like to know how to have an affair and get away with it?
Would you like to know how to conceal any evidence that your partner may have? Would you like to know how to regain your partner’s confidence in you, if she suspects you?
Well in section 8 we will learn how? When? And what to do?
Price: US $3.50
9. Would you like to know how to handle divorce? AVO’S and police matters?
Well in section 9 we answer most of the questions most men have.
Price: US $3.50
10. Would you like to know how to keep your money when things turn bad?
Well in section 10 we deal with most problems many men face to day.
Price: US $3.50
11. In section 11 we compare a relationship with a woman like the relationship of a man with a car this is entertaining but at the same time will make most of us aware of many things we never thought before.
Price: US $3.50
12. In section 12 we deal with the question why are women different from men?
Price: US $3.50
13. In section 13 we deal with common sexual diseases, this will help you identify these diseases, before you get involved with any one that you may regret latter.
Price: US $3.50

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