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John Ifergan is a motivational speaker on relationship issues and an active member of toastmasters for the last few years.
For the past seven years I have been doing extensive research on the subject of men and women relationships.

We have talked and interviewed hundreds of men and women in the age group 18-55. Then it become clear and obvious to us that there is a genuine need for a total guide- for women and men “how to handle and deal with the opposite sex" ?

In this guide we go into details- What to do? When? And how?
We cover most of the subjects you may have questions about.

At the same time we uncovered the funny parts of relationships, whether you are a man or woman you will find them funny, and with certain scenarios you will be able to relate to them immediately.

If you would like to hear John Ifergan talk on this topic and entertain you at the same time contact him on:02-93712963 within Australia or you can write to: P.O.Box 60 Rose Bay Sydney N.S.W 2029 Australia.

Thank you very much.


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