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We offer solutions to all your relationship problems.

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  • half an hour - $50 AUD

  • one hour - $90 AUD

Ask yourself one question, if half an hour consultation can save your relationship, don't you think your relationship is worth it?

You can send a money order or a cheque within to:
J.I.I.C John Ifergan
PO Box 60
Rose Bay, Sydney NSW 2029

We have a 30-day money back guaranty!
We stand behind our product and we are proud of it!

Please Note: We are not licensed to practice psychology, and we are not licensed counsellors. SOSDating.com is not intended to replace psychological counselling, but is simply a philosophy based on our own experiences and those of thousands of people that helped us to put all this material together. The information given by sosdating should not be used in conjunction or as a legal guide to any legal matter.

SOS Dating is proud to be partnered with the Events 4 Singles, promoting excellence and professionalism in the dating scene.

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